Your Book

Would you like to stand out from your competition? Attract more business?

A book – Your Book – is a unique marketing and branding tool. It can add to your credibility, leverage your influence and show your potential clients or customers that you are an authority or leader in your industry.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Owners, Leaders, Professional Speakers and other Executives and Professionals in virtually any industry can benefit from a book that showcases their expertise and business success.

We write and publish the book for you.

We Take Care of All the Details

  • Conduct a Series of Interviews with You
  • Write and Edit an Original Manuscript
  • Design and Layout of Front and Back Covers and Interior Pages
  • Print and Bind the Books
  • Delivery of a Large Quantity of Books to Your Home or Office for You to Sell or Give Away
  • Publish the Book
  • Provide Global Distribution so the Book can be Available for Sale at Online Retailers such as,,, and Many Others. You Earn Royalties on Sales.
  • Promote Your Book via a Press Release to Your Local and Regional Media
  • Contact Us for More Details, Book Specifications, Various Formats and Marketing Potential

(Only 10 percent of the total investment is due at the start. The remainder is paid in deposits during the time we are working on your book. The final deposit is not due until you have received your books.)